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Christianity United

Book: Christianity United

Author: Marc Carrier

What was it about the early church that made them so effective as compared to the modern church system? They were able to turn the world upside down whereas the modern church struggles to maintain relevance. The early church experienced explosive growth amidst severe persecution. They lacked the finances, printed literature, technological resources, transportation options, and political support that the modern church boasts today, yet were victorious prolifically expanding God’s kingdom against all odds. In Christianity United, Marc Carrier presents his theory of what differentiates the early church’s effectiveness as compared to the modern church. Mr. Carrier believes the difference is unity: of mind, love, spirit, and purpose, in humility. Mr. Carrier, a missionary serving in Kenya, shares his first-hand experiences implementing and living out his theory in the field, which has delivered remarkable results. Kingdom Driven Ministries, the mission he pioneered in 2012, has experienced many trials and tribulations. But through it all, the mission is now a firmly united and established mission machine, much like the testimony of the early church. Christianity United is Mr. Carrier’s attempt to articulate what they have implemented to achieve a united body that developed into a growing and reproducing example of the body of Christ. Marc Carrier is a missionary serving in Kenya with his wife and eleven children since 2012. He is the founder of Kingdom Driven Ministries (KDM), a non-profit organization committed to East African missions. Since inception, the mission has baptized hundreds of disciples and planted numerous churches, and served multitudes of the needy. The core mission of the ministry is kingdom expansion and assisting the poor. Kingdom Driven Ministries is launching Wajumbe Training Center, a short-term field discipleship program located in Kenya to equip local and international disciples to learn how to do the things KDM is doing in East Africa. The training will be a combination of classroom and field operations to give students the knowledge and experience necessary to implement kingdom expansion and church planting best practices wherever they reside.