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2019 Conferences

Marc Carrier visited the US from the mission field in Africa in 2019 for three weeks and taught full-day conferences in nine states. Below are videos taken during the Tennessee and Pennsylvania conferences.

Marc Carrier Testimony - Tennessee
Marc Carrier Testimony - Pennsylvania
The Gospel of the Kingdom Part 1, Tennessee
The Gospel of the Kingdom Part 2, Tennessee
The Gospel of the Kingdom Pennsylvania
Being Filled with the Holy Spirit,Tennessee
Being Filled with the Holy Spirit, Pennsylvania
Divine Healing, Tennessee
Divine Healing, Pennsylvania
Deliverance from Demons, Tennessee
Deliverance from Demons, Pennsylvania

Marc Carrier Short Teachings

Below are short video teachings Marc Carrier developed when he was still serving as a missionary in Kenya. The intent is to add to these videos as time permits and gaps are identified. If you have a desire for a lesson on a particular subject, make your request known through the Contact Us page.

Women’s silence
Do Christians tithe?
Do Christians observe the Sabbath
Do Christians observe the Law of Moses?
Are all immediately healed
Receiving the Holy Spirit
Interceding for the prodigal
Who are and where do demons come from?
Are Christians obligated to obey Jesus?
Judge not, what it means.
Hastening the return of the Lord
Why know your gifts?
Paul’s gospel, not from men.
Where do I fellowship?
Public evangelism with Luke 10 considerations
Why send demons into the pit during deliverance?
Early church evidence the gifts continued.
Inside a home fellowship.
What ministry is greater: Great Commission or Great Commandment.
Tips about the gift of discerning of spirits.
Multigenerational Discipleship

Field Evangelism Teaching Tracts

These four field booklets were prepared on the mission field as a discipleship tool for Marc to more easily train future generations of field evangelists and teachers. The objectives were multiple. One was to make sure successive generations of field evangelists were laying a requisite foundation when engaging new prospects.

He attempted to convey the foundation of what he was doing with new prospects from memory and experience to field evangelists who had less experience and Bible knowledge. The successive books were added to the repertoire to handle common objections and challenges often faced with disciples who accepted the first teachings, but would later reject the actual teachings of Jesus or the Apostolic church practices our mission practiced.

The added benefit of the booklets was that they were provided in the language of the people we were ministering to and permitted us to leave a lot of Scripture with people who oftentimes did not own Bibles.

The Two Kingdoms: The Gospel of the Kingdom
Surrender, Repent, and be Baptized. Receive the Holy Spirit.
Teach to Observe all that Jesus Commanded
What the Bible Says About Church