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Christianity Unleashed

Book: Christianity Unleashed

Author: Marc Carrier

What is the purpose of your faith? Jesus was not sent to just give you a get-out-of-Hell-free card so you could warm a pew from Sunday to Sunday and live like the rest of the world all week. We sing songs, we give our offerings, we read a little and pray a little, and think to ourselves, “Is this really it? Is this what Jesus died for?” Today Christianity is largely a sleeping giant, an institution which has forgotten its legacy of victorious conquest against the spiritual forces of evil in spreading the light of God’s kingdom to all peoples of all nations. We have lost the purpose and vision, adventure and excitement, of the first Christians that we read about in the book of Acts. These dedicated disciples and their followers were delivered from bondage to Satan, sin, and the world, and immediately engaged as front-line soldiers for Jesus in the war against all the spiritual powers of darkness. Inspired and equipped by the Holy Spirit, they preached the gospel, healed the sick, and expelled demons, just like Jesus demonstrated and commanded. Completely surrendered to the Lord, many even suffered a martyr’s end without hesitation, motivated only by their desire to honor Christ. Christianity Unleashed is the story of one missionary’s journey demonstrating that the exploits of the earliest disciples are not simply fables or events for a particular people at a particular time in history. But rather, Marc Carrier will show you through his experiences, Scripture, and the witness of history that you too can be equipped and mobilized to embark on this great adventure called Christianity. This book will unleash you from what is holding you back and unleash your potential to become a vital part of God’s mission. Join King Jesus in this great adventure!