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Home Sweet Home: Creating a Joyful Home Atmosphere

Book: Home Sweet Home: Creating a Joyful Home Atmosphere

Author: Cynthia Carrier

It’s been said that “the woman sets the tone for the home.” Yet all too often, we Moms find our homes full of busyness, strife, and even anger. It can be difficult to sustain a joyful and peaceful home atmosphere that is conducive to maintaining close family ties, discipling our children in the ways of the Lord, and even successfully homeschooling.

Cindy Carrier shares some of the secrets to maintaining a home atmosphere that glorifies God. This goes beyond the practical; it isn’t “five steps,” “four P’s,” or some fancy acronym to help you remember what to do. Instead, you’ll get right to the heart of the issues that hinder you from experiencing God’s best in your home.

Chapter 1: Cleaning the House–You’ll find out how to “clean the house,” spiritually speaking, in order to allow the Holy Spirit to function more fully in and through you. This is key to maintaining a home atmosphere that God desires.

Chapter 2: Locking the Door–Destroy the strongholds of the enemy and “lock the door” to his work. Walk in the freedom given to you through Jesus Christ and see the effects on your home’s atmosphere!

Chapter 3: Spiritual Home Management–Learn how to stand firm in your spiritual freedom and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to live a life marked by the fruit of the Spirit. This will revolutionize your home life.

Chapter 4: Practical Suggestions–Finally, now that you’ve addressed your “being,” you can take a look at the practical “doings” of creating and maintaining a more joyful home atmosphere. We’ll look at things like attitudes, expectations, “triggers,” communication, and more.