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The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

Within the pages of the New Testament we read countless historic examples of God moving in the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ and the saints. Examples of healing, deliverance, prophecy, tongues, discerning of spirits and numerous other gifts and miracles abound. Many have come to believe that these manifestations of the Holy Spirit ceased with the death of the Apostles (or the completion of the Bible). History proves this is simply a myth. Such miracles were commonplace in the early church as well. They only diminished with the diminishing pedigree of the church (see the video below for evidence).

The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

The 20th century saw the reemergence of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which birthed the Pentecostals and Charismatics. Countless authentic miracles and real manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit have occurred through these movements. However, many in these groups would fail to embrace the other vital aspects of the Apostolic church and doctrinal compromises and suspicious manifestations would plague many represented by the groups. The rejection of some aspects of primitive Christianity such as deliverance would also make such environments a safe haven for alternative spirits. For outsiders, this would put in question whether the authentic gifts of the Holy Spirit were even possible today. To distance themselves from what they deemed strange behaviors by people with strange doctrine, many would form theology to rationalize and justify their personal lack of experience with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts.

Today, there are numerous saints holding to sound doctrine and holy living who likewise have experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit and every gift itemized in Scripture, identical to the church of Acts. There is no longer an excuse to adopt the cessationist view, or the belief that the gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased with the death of the Apostles or completion of the Bible. In this website we offer many resources to assist you to understand the biblical precedence for, and the means to receive, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The numerous works of the Holy Spirit are also described clearly. It is simply a matter of emptying oneself of competing influences and making oneself completely available for His fullness. His presence and fullness are a gift.

The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

And for those open minded enough to delve into the deeper waters of the revelatory and miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, and advanced spiritual warfare topics, these subjects are addressed too. Deliverance from demonic attack, healing, and the revelatory gifts are unwrapped and presented in multiple books and videos.

The Holy Spirit is God’s gift for all believers. Every believer has gifts. You are encouraged to seek everything God has for you to the maximum impact for God’s service and edification of the body of Christ.


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